· Who I am

I am Rocío Soriano, graphic artist and illustrator from Barcelona. I love the scent of freshly made coffee and toast. I have a cat called Kone. I ride on a raspberry-colored bicycle. I like cooking. I love the sun and the flowers. I like learning languages and in everyone, I find my favorite word. It’s important for me to find time for a good breakfast, a coffee with a friend or watch a sunset. It makes me smile the pain you get after laughing a lot. I have freckles.

All of my works are an example of things that make me vibrate. I am passionate about colors, calligraphy, sculpture, and everything done with love.

· What I do?

Illustrate and write. I illustrate from the corners of the cities I visit, the smiles that strike me, and things that have left a mark on me… until I capture characters who sleep in my imagination and have the desire to get out to see the light. Sometimes I like a character and I need to give him life. So I make a sculpture.

Welcome to my site.